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Alexander SOPHIEX - the unique musician, composer-multi-instrumentalist, producer from the East Europe working in genre New Age New Electro Neo Classic Relax Chill Out music. Creating live and synthesized music is a sure continuation of the world's tradition founded by JEAN MICHAEL JARRE, ENIGMA, OLIVER SHANTI, VANGELIS and other performers of course, everyone carrying their individual particularities and presenting their music in a unique way of musical composition.

In 2005 in the homeland Sophiex was "DISCOVERY of year 2005" on the music stage of Belarus and the Winner of the first national competition of electronic music in a nomination the "First on the First".

He is recognized by the founder of a genre of Space spatial electro-acoustic music at Belarus.

The author of individual school of play on the drums "System of the saturated play".

Debut solo album "Music for reflections" is recognized by the first in history of Belarus an album of music for a relaxation and rest.

Organizer of the large-scale concert shows of instrumental music of genre New Age first in the country.

- 2008 - The first album of a series “ Piano Instrumental Music” - “ Dream about that dreams”

- 2008 - Music for a musicl " Ruby heart "

- 2008 - Music for a national Belarus ecological forum

His music is recognized curative and used by the largest international centers of beauty and health including by well-known enough international centers, such as Institute of self-restoration of academician Norbekov and School of positive psychology of Alexander Svijash in Moscow is adjusted.

Owing to efforts of the musical company of Alexander Sophiex the given kind of musical art at us in the country leaves uncertainty though all over the world romantic music already very long time ago occupies the highest places in ratings of popularity and is highly appreciated by listeners the curative qualities and ability to bring in a normal condition a psychological of the person. And on a background of modern mass musical culture, frequently destructive and destroying, the given kind of musical art carries out mission creating and vital, allowing the person to develop most harmoniously, that is the extremely important in a modern society.

The artistic route of the composer began with his study of the drum-rhythm that eventually developed into a major exploration of the different techniques to play the drums. The result of many years' efforts culminated in establishment of the individual school of the drum playing called the System of Saturated Playing. The system attempts to demonstrate the full beauty and depth of the rhythm, and it allows the drum player to develop his performing skills to the maximum.

Based on this system, a three-hour film was shot in 1998, called The Music of the Mountains and Waterfalls. The central event of the film is one-hour drum solo, which reflects all latest developments and achievements in the drum-playing techniques. The film also tells a story (with English subtitles) about the system using visual examples. In addition, there are four musical compositions written by the musician.

The second work devoted to drum-art it "DRUMOТУРГИЯ" CD which has left in 2004. Album of 100 % of the drum-music, based on technical opportunities of drum-school of Alexander Sophiex " System of the saturate play ". 45 minutes solo on the DRUM KIT and what other instruments.

The second large-scale album of romantic instrumental music has left in 2007.

"Weight of Wind" - much more revolutionary work in comparison with "Music for reflections". But it without underestimation of importance of the first solo performance as it is already recognized by the broad audience of the public and has missed more than 10000 copies worldwide, that for music such is achievement.

The "Weight of Wind" as electroacoustic, is a lot of synthesizers with tremendous sounds, a grand piano, parties of a symphonic orchestra, drums, flutes.

In an album two magnificent singers and, even children's chorus are invited at once!

World famous Altay ethnic singer Tandalaj will present in an album technics of throat singing "Kai" which some women in the world possess all. Svetlana Smoljan - the Belarus singer and the teacher will execute parties of a classical vocal of a soprano under music all the same Alexander Sophiex.

The length of an album practically twice is more than "Music for reflections". A material presented to listeners more various and thematic. The album consists of two parts: "When the wind comes" - a mobile part and even places dancing and at the same time intellectual. And a composition of "Game of butterflies" in general a hymn to calmness and serenity. The second part: "When the wind leaves" - quiet, meditative under which it is possible to relax and be given completely to reflections about a life.

In general, an album for reception of aesthetic pleasure and harmonization of vital space.

And all this with a fine sound. The album entered the name in Moscow and Belarus at support of the best sound producers of Russia.

As this work as the sound engineer is indicative and for Alexander Sophiex as he built all sound architecture of this album

Sergey Lagun from the Moscow Kremlin which already has had time to work with many world famous stars including representatives of the given genre - group SPACE and GREGORIAN, by the way, to which at Alex Sophiex claims. May be to FRANK PETERSON (look

The second sound producer is in general a legend of the Russian sound recording Victor Glazkov which name is entered in the official encyclopedia of Russian Rock. He has made such groups as "Aquarium", "Cinema", the "Machine of time" and all others. He not replaceable sound producer of known firm "Melody" at present actively cooperates with Alexander Gradsky.

Music Alexander Sophiex is represented by the largest record companies of Russia and Belarus.

In Moscow Videogurman and in Belarus at once two companies Westrecords and Grandrecords. Pleasant impressions!
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