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It was a big surprise to find out that Music for Contemplation has gotten into hands of psychotherapists and was used in their medical practices. Ultimately, this fact became a subject of special attention for us that turned into more detailed study of how music affects human being.

Since the time of discovery of the world of the musical therapy, we established cooperation with some of the most popular health centers of Belarus and Russia.

Here are some of them:


Center of Alexander Sviyash The Way of Wisdom

Positive psychology; consultations; training; analysis of life situations; books; magazines; lectures.

Address: Metro-Volzhskaya, Tekstilshiki

14 Stavropolskaya Street


Moscow center of preventive treatment and protection from electromagnetic fields; member of National Public Association of Disabled Russian Sportive Property. Computer studies of human energy field (Aura); protection from technogenic electromagnetic radiation; restoration of psycho-emotional state; lectures; consultations.

This center was the first one to use the music of Alexander Sophiex in their programs.

Address: Metro: Polyanka

41 B. Polyanka Street

tel/fax 095-238-45-55

Norbekovs Institute of the Human

Courses of self-treatment and self-development training of intuition and development of creativity.

Address: Metro: Proletarskaya, Dubrovka

7 Melnikov Street (left wing of Culture Center GPZ)

School of Social Consulting. Faculty of Applied Psychology and Pedagogical Medicine.

Training, courses, seminars, English language courses through meditation, study materials, etc.

Address: Metro: Kropotkinskaya

18/2 Volhonka Street room 22

Center of Social Adaptation Kind People

Seminars, meetings, leisure.

Address: Metro: Universitit (University)

6a Lomonosov Blvd.


Center of non-traditional medicine Santana. Institute Inergomineratherapy.

Computer diagnostics; child pathology; genetic birth chart; homeopathy; manual therapy; seminars; courses.

Address: 22 Nekrasov Street, Unit 2


Psychological Rehabilitation Center Island of Hope

Help to individuals suffering from conflicts, fears, alcoholism, overweight, dependencies, and problems in private and social life. Special programs of speech development; successful business. Training of relaxation, psychological and physical health recommendations.

Address: 1st Studencheskiy Proezd (Students Drive)
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