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Russian organization of disabled

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Moscow Learning Center of the Electromagnetic Fields Aura

Russia Moscow 41 B. Polyanka street tel/fax 238-4555

The leading specialists of the center conducted series of studies where they used musical compositions of the Belarusian composer-multi-instrumentalist Alexander Sophiex in their medical research. The studies were done using method of the bio-field computer modeling. The studies were carried out in three stages. The first stage check-up of patients bio-field and energy-informational defects. The second stage patients listening to the musical compositions in a quiet environment. The third stage secondary check-up of the patients following their musical therapy. The objective examination revealed that the bio-field of the patients significantly improved towards normalization. Conclusion: Musical compositions of Alexander Sophiex influence positively and normalize human bio-energy. It is recommended for psycho-emotional correction and restoration of the body energy resources.

Director of the Center: International Academy of Informatisation

Podkopaev A.F.

Vice-President of the Energy-Informational Technology Center

Golovinov I.E.
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