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Rhythms for breakfast

Rhythms for breakfast, rhythms for lunch, rhythms for dinner. And that is the whole secret!

To assess full significance of the rhythm in a daily life is not an easy task. It is everywhere. You can learn more about it in a book “The Mind of a Drum Player.” The most important feature of the rhythm, I believe, is its effect on the health and psyche of humans. In this case, I refer to the rhythms made by drums.

Presently, there are various discussions and different believes about the nature of the rhythm. They all deserve special attention and interest since each one has some truth in it.

I tend to speak about rhythm as of my big friend that pulled me out of ignorance. It has enlightened and opened me doors to the mysteries of the world and of existence.

By its nature, the drum rhythm has larger impact on human beings than any other musical instruments because sounds of the drums produce the most concentrated wave effects (effects of a gun shot). Therefore, the drums’ sounds not only influence psyche, but physiological functions as well. The rhythm is capable of restoring human cardiovascular system; it affects emotional and physical state.

I have not noticed that before, but when I became more skilled in my performance, I realized that just half an hour of playing the drums raises my mood. I associate this phenomenon with the effect of synchronization of internal and external rhythms of human body. I am convinced that all musical figures of the rhythm known to us are present in our bodies. It is well known fact that living is based on various rhythms – breathing, heartbeats, physical movements and rest. And this is only the visible part of an iceberg. Every second, our organisms produce millions of rhythmical variations in cells, blood vessels and organs. By playing drums, we produce resonance effect that boosts up our emotions.

The other research evidences revealed that drum play stimulates production of endogenous ethanol (natural alcohol) in blood, which is also responsible for our emotions.

Moreover, American ethnographer Michael Garner cured his friend from alcoholism after he learned shamanic rhythms. Fantastic!

Regular drinking of alcohol reduces the natural alcohol (endogenous alcohol) produced in a small amount in human body. That is why an alcoholic needs regularly to fulfill the lack of natural alcohol. Garner found out that rhythm of a tambourine increase the level of natural ethanol, thus, normalizing psychological state.

Play drums na zdorovye!
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Rhythms for breakfast


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